SIDART has been providing volunteering opportunities to individuals from all walks of life, addressing violence against women,conducting gender training programmes and capapcity building courses, and also has various projects under it's name such as

-Addressing Early Childhood Care and Development in tribal areas of Dungarpur, Rajasthan: Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition

-Child health: Sora Tabar Project

-Strengthen the elected and to be elected women: Women Empowerment Project

-Women and Law Research

-Child Road Safety Educational Program along with the Apollo Tyres Healthcare Centre.

As part of SIDART’s developmental interventions, one of the most important aspects of their success is the triumphant efforts of the SIDART Volunteers.  The volunteers have contributed to the rise of the organisation regarding various developmental issues, worked proficiently and inspired the others in their community to become empowered as well as responsible citizens of the nation.

Usha Gothwal

I aspire to become a teacher. I currently walk alone to my school which is 6 kms away from my house. I try my level best to help people in need. This all has been possible due to the efforts of SIDART. I want to continue being a village volunteer so that I work for the development of the village. I have seen the efforts of the organization have been fruitful. Now the village has dust bins at various locations, people are becoming more and more aware of the need for sanitation. 

Komal Kunwar Rathore

SIDART has helped in raising awareness among the women. They are all starting to accept the responsibility of the village development. There is continued action in the village to maintain cleanliness and satisfactory sanitation levels. Besides the village, I myself have become a confident individual. I try to publicize the information gained from the seminars in my village as well.

Most importantly, women have started attending Panchayat meetings. We all are now aware of the dates of the Panchayat meetings and working too.. I also make sure that I attend the Panchayat meetings in my village.