SIDART has been implementing Global traineeship, Addressing violence against women,Gender trainings and capapcity building, research on status of women,Child health: Sora Tabar Project,  Strengthen the elected and to be elected women :Women Empowerment Project, Women and Law Research, Child Road Safety Educational Program and Apollo Tyres Healthcare Centre. As part of SIDART’s developmental interventions, one of the most important aspects of their success is the triumphant efforts of the SIDART Volunteers.  The volunteers have contributed to the rise in levels of awareness regarding various developmental issues, worked proficiently and inspired the others in their community to become empowered as well as responsible citizens of the nation.

Suraj Jangid

It took me ten years to join SIDART as a village volunteer. Before SIDART, I was a shy woman who didn’t even understand Hindi. I didn’t dress according to the societal standards as I could not afford a saree. Going out of the house by myself was out of the question and my daily routine was limited inside the four walls of the house. I was married at the age of 7, had children before being an adult and all the decisions regarding family matters were taken solely by my husband. I could only see myself as a woman from the backward class. Before SIDART, I got my two daughters married at the ages of 15 and 16 but after gaining awareness by attending SIDART trainings, I got my third daughter married at the age of 21. The other most important realization for me was to stand up for women who were facing violence at the hands of their husband or in laws. There are cases when I have threatened the perpetrators of domestic violence to stop their actions or else they would be taken to the court. Without the existence of SIDART, I cannot imagine myself as a woman with so much strength. I am no longer dependent on my family. I can go out whenever I want. I have learnt Hindi. Not only this, but I feel the best when I think of the fact that I am an earning member of the family, who is also an aware and responsible member of the society. I no longer wear the veil up to my face and I have finally earned my own saree.

Rajwanti Verma

I joined SIDART two years ago after hearing a lot about the organization from other women in the neighbourhood. I started attending meetings and realized that the organization is providing women with all the important information in a way which is very easy to comprehend. Since I don’t come from a family who needs permissions from the husband to go out of the house, I faced no problem in joining the organization as a SIDART Village Volunteer. I believed in the fact that I need to change or develop personally if I want the change or development in others. Additionally, I knew that attending such trainings would give me information that will always be useful for me and my fellow women. I want to continue being a SIDART Village Volunteer. Due to the persistent efforts of SIDART, my village is comparatively more developed, but I want to involve myself in the progress of other villages as well. There are no particular recommendations for SIDART but the efforts of the organization would be even more effective if the problem solving and follow up in the Panchayat meetings are regularized by the members of the Panchayat.

Kanta Sharma

I joined SIDART 5 years ago when I heard about the organization from other women. Another aspect that attracted me was the fact that the meetings and the participants were being captured through camera and video cam. Moreover, the family was supportive of my involvement with SIDART as they believed my participation in the meetings would help in killing my boredom at the house. However, after joining the organization as SIDART Village Volunteer, I developed a different perspective and realized the need for utilizing the information gained from the trainings for progress of my own, fellow women as well as the village. After attending SIDART trainings, women have started coming to the Panchayat meetings. We all have learnt so much regarding; the approach we need to have while tackling an issue at the Panchayat level, sanitation and hygiene needs, education opportunities and employment schemes. Now it would be very difficult to find an unemployed woman in my village. Moreover, the additional sources of possible income from the government schemes are being received on a regular basis. As a SIDART Village Volunteer, I would encourage women to be independent, especially when it comes to resolving developmental issues.

Pinky Sharma

In the recent months, I have seen a major development in the health status of the women, adolescent girls and children. There is an improvement in the health care facilities available for the pregnant women. The pregnant women, especially, are getting much better care than before. Proper nutrition for the new mother and infant is also a priority. The children are utilizing the education facility at the AWC. As far as I am concerned, I have taken the responsibility of helping the Anganwadi worker in providing education and asking more women to participate in the Panchayat meetings. I want to be a teacher in future and becoming a SIDART village volunteer is helping me to build my skills and contribute in the development of my village at the same time.

There is no particular disease in children now. Women are empowered to take care of their health facilities. My family is very supportive of my future plans.