SIDART has been providing volunteering opportunities to individuals from all walks of life, addressing violence against women,conducting gender training programmes and capapcity building courses, and also has various projects under it's name such as

-Addressing Early Childhood Care and Development in tribal areas of Dungarpur, Rajasthan: Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition

-Child health: Sora Tabar Project

-Strengthen the elected and to be elected women: Women Empowerment Project

-Women and Law Research

-Child Road Safety Educational Program along with the Apollo Tyres Healthcare Centre.

As part of SIDART’s developmental interventions, one of the most important aspects of their success is the triumphant efforts of the SIDART Volunteers.  The volunteers have contributed to the rise of the organisation regarding various developmental issues, worked proficiently and inspired the others in their community to become empowered as well as responsible citizens of the nation.

Suresh Kumar Chaudhary

Suresh Kumar Chaudhary is the Village Volunteer expert for SIDART of Sambharia Panchayat, Bassi block, Jaipur district, Rajasthan. He informs and encourages the villagers about the opportunities made available for their wellbeing and flourishment. He is associated with SIDART since August’2017 and SIDART is a vital part of his transformative life.

SIDART was introduced to Mr. Suresh Kumar by his Village Sarpanch Naresh Chawla. Being an active citizen of the Panchayat he was informed about SIDART. He started working along with the Panchayat to make it a Model Panchayat. The training seminars held by SIDART at various Anganwadis and Panchayats inclined him towards assisting SIDART to accomplish their objectives.

He said, “SIDART didn’t just yield the village towards advancement but also helped me evolve as a confident person and reap knowledge in an area that I was not well informed about.” He also stated that earlier he was a man of self-doubt and hesitance but now with the guidance and support of SIDART he stands out in the crowd and he couldn’t be more grateful. He is proud to introduce himself as SIDART Village Volunteer and Panchayat Mitra.

Suraj Devi Jangid

Suraj Devi Jangid was a simple house wife without a mind of her own. She did what every other housewife of our society does best, stay quiet. Her decisions were made for her. At young age by her parents and later, her husband. She was a woman of no say or prospective.

In the year 2008, Suraj Devi got associated with SIDART and a metamorphic change in her life occurred. She was motivated and encouraged to attend the meeting conducted by SIDART in Jaipur for the village volunteers, Panchayat and at the Anganwadi centre of her village which introduced her to possibilities and opportunities she couldn’t fathom.She was emboldened, inspired and guided to work towards a better lifestyle.

Suraj Devi enrolled her daughter and son, Meenakshi and Vishal in the ICICI Academy of skills along with herself after being guided by SIDART. Following the training, her son started working with NBC Company and her daughter at a private school. They’re providing exceptionally well for themselves and their family. Later, she even introduced the Academy to her nephew along with many others around her.

Suraj Devi Jangid now works as a village volunteer Panchayat Mitra expert for SIDART. She introduces the woman of her village to windows of opportunities and persuades them to strive for a better life by sharing her own experiences with them. She said, “Being associated with SIDART was a life defining decision for me.I’ve never felt more confident and independent and all the credit goes to SIDART. I would’ve been nothing without it.”


Kshitij Mathur

My name is Kshitij Mathur and I am currently pursuing engineering in Electronics and Communication from Manipal University Jaipur. I am currently residing in Jaipur,Rajasthan. I did my schooling from "Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya". In my school days I have also interacted with the students from Disha organisation and have also contributed for the students from the school "Jagga Ki Bawari". I would really like to work in this NGO as I have a will to contribute to the society to which I belong and to make the country a better place to live. I am eager to work in the slums and I am eager to work with the less privileged people so that I can do something to make their lives simpler and better. Since i have some experience of interacting with people from slightly less privileged backgrounds, I find myself ready to work for them. Since SIDART works for women empowerment and child welfare, I will get an opportunity to work on these major issues.
My main aim will be to spread awareness, to inform people about certain things, to help them, to educate them, to encourage them, basically to help them realize their power and rights which they possess in their society. I, with everyone here, will work to bring the less privileged people ahead so as to make India equal for everyone. With all these small changes we will definitely make this country a better place.

Isha Jain

I am Isha Jain, a student of 2nd year in Bits Plani, Hyderabad Campus, who is looking forward to work as an intern in your prestigious organisation. I am a Beginner, hoping to learn some valuable skills from your team. I would really want to invest socially to your organisation. My skills are that I am an ambitious, loyal, professionally committed person who will surely contribute her best as an intern.