SIDART has been implementing Global traineeship, Addressing violence against women,Gender trainings and capapcity building, research on status of women,Child health: Sora Tabar Project,  Strengthen the elected and to be elected women :Women Empowerment Project, Women and Law Research, Child Road Safety Educational Program and Apollo Tyres Healthcare Centre. As part of SIDART’s developmental interventions, one of the most important aspects of their success is the triumphant efforts of the SIDART Volunteers.  The volunteers have contributed to the rise in levels of awareness regarding various developmental issues, worked proficiently and inspired the others in their community to become empowered as well as responsible citizens of the nation.

Aakanksha Mathur

My name is Aakanksha Mathur, and I come from a corporate background. I have a Master’s degree in business management, with a specialisation in Marketing and Human Resource Management; and have worked in a multinational organisation for 3 years. I decided to join SIDART to utilise my skills for the betterment of the society. SIDART works for women empowerment and child welfare, the two segments of the society which are the least aware of their rights and duties as citizens of this esteemed nation. I hope to help in the cause that has been taken up by SIDART as it would help bridge the gap between urban and rural India, and bring our country closer to achieving the Global Sustainable Development Goals. I would utilise my marketing skills to spread awareness about SIDART and its cause in the urban youth through the promotion of various courses and workshops offered. 

Monila Khatri

I am Monila Khatri, I am doing B.Com from Jaipur .
I decided to join SIDART as it has always inspired me to render my best potential towards social welfare in various fields. 
I'm deeply touched by the work and services provided by SIDART for women and child development and  empowerment. There are many programs run by SIDART  for bringing a change in society and  one of them is Child road safety education program, where people and mainly children are made aware about road safety rules, community engagement, traffic status and how to remain safe, know and follow the rules and regulations. The process of engagne ment is not a one time activity or safety week but regular classes through the community engagement, making aware the parents, family members and neighbours and friends. Both theory and practical classes are there. I enjoy to work for the cause.
My main focus is educating and encouraging the backward areas of rural and urban India and bring power to them, especially the women. Everyone in the world deserves equal rights. So, I will work and learn to work for equality and equity.

Saroj Pareek

 Namaskar, My name is Saroj Pareek and I come form the village panchayat Phagi. Earleir Iwas the sarpanch of Phagi and I attended the seminars at phagi and even came to jaipur in SIDART meetings and seminars too. I realsied that working in gorups is the real key to success.So, I took help of the village women to work for women empowerment. We worked for sanitation, building various women organizations and schools. Now the village women have started to come forward and engage in work successfully. Now, I am the Pradhan of Phagi panchayat samiti and more than 200 village are under my area. I Say Thank you to SIDART for my journey of progress and success.

Mamta kumawat

“In trainings through SIDART as a volunteer, I learnt a lot about working of Panchayats and community engagements. In my village, there was a major encroachment problem. We tried to resolve this issue and went to the BDO,  he helped us to remove the encroachment. SIDART helped me to grow in my work, and engage effectively with the community. I will always be connected to SIDART. Thank you.”