SIDART has been implementing Global traineeship, Addressing violence against women,Gender trainings and capapcity building, research on status of women,Child health: Sora Tabar Project,  Strengthen the elected and to be elected women :Women Empowerment Project, Women and Law Research, Child Road Safety Educational Program and Apollo Tyres Healthcare Centre. As part of SIDART’s developmental interventions, one of the most important aspects of their success is the triumphant efforts of the SIDART Volunteers.  The volunteers have contributed to the rise in levels of awareness regarding various developmental issues, worked proficiently and inspired the others in their community to become empowered as well as responsible citizens of the nation.

Kshitij Mathur

My name is Kshitij Mathur and I am currently pursuing engineering in Electronics and Communication from Manipal University Jaipur. I am currently residing in Jaipur,Rajasthan. I did my schooling from "Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya". In my school days I have also interacted with the students from Disha organisation and have also contributed for the students from the school "Jagga Ki Bawari". I would really like to work in this NGO as I have a will to contribute to the society to which I belong and to make the country a better place to live. I am eager to work in the slums and I am eager to work with the less privileged people so that I can do something to make their lives simpler and better. Since i have some experience of interacting with people from slightly less privileged backgrounds, I find myself ready to work for them. Since SIDART works for women empowerment and child welfare, I will get an opportunity to work on these major issues.
My main aim will be to spread awareness, to inform people about certain things, to help them, to educate them, to encourage them, basically to help them realize their power and rights which they possess in their society. I, with everyone here, will work to bring the less privileged people ahead so as to make India equal for everyone. With all these small changes we will definitely make this country a better place.

Isha Jain

I am Isha Jain, a student of 2nd year in Bits Plani, Hyderabad Campus, who is looking forward to work as an intern in your prestigious organisation. I am a Beginner, hoping to learn some valuable skills from your team. I would really want to invest socially to your organisation. My skills are that I am an ambitious, loyal, professionally committed person who will surely contribute her best as an intern.

Abhikrishn Mishra

My Name is Abhikrishn Mishra and I am a student of Computer and Communication Engineering at Manipal University, Jaipur. I am currently residing in Jaipur,Rajasthan. During my school days I was an active participant in many events which included public speaking, debates and interactions with different people. I also got the opportunity to talk to students studying in village schools. I realized that there is a lot that we can give to them and we need to interact with them more often, which is why I want to affiliate myself with an organization like SIDART. We can act as a beacon to introduce the world to young, talented, innovative kids who someday might change the world. SIDART works for child welfare, women empowerment and traffic safety, the most talked about issues in our country.

It creates opportunities to discuss the problems and issues faced by people in rural areas. As responsible individuals of society we must educate others regarding issues of sanitation, nutrition, women's rights and child safety.
SIDART aims to bridge the gap between urban India and rural India which is what motivates me to give my best and be a helping hand in developing our country.

Srinjana Michelle Das

My name is Srinjana and I am currently pursuing my bachelor's in Political Science and Sociology from University of Delhi. I am very passionate about animals and always wanted to study animal behaviour and welfare. It is my dream to work for animals, to be around them and to conserve wildlife.
I have worked at different NGOs like Friendicoes which works for sick dogs, cats and horses, Hope and Beyond which works for birds and snakes and aashray- a home for the strays. Recently I went for a turtle conservation program to learn about turtles and marine life.
This is my first time working as an intern in an NGO and I am really looking forward to work with SIDART. The NGO is doing a great job and I am sure I will get to learn a lot of things. 
It would be great to work with SIDART as they are trying so hard to make people aware of the road safety rules, they are  working for the upliftment of the poor and also women empowerment. I believe that by becoming a part of sidart I would be able to help and serve people who are not that privileged. I am looking forward to help these people and making their lives better.