Viilage volunteer seminar

Vilage volunteers are the back bone of our programme. they also function as friends of panchayat and are commony known as panchayt Mitras.

The focus will be on the organising of gram sabha and mahila sabha before the gram sabha.


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SIDART visit by MSW students from Banasthali University

Once again the MSW students aong witht wo of their faculty members are coming for a learning and exposure visit to SIDART on the 13th on August 2018.

 These students will wistness the child road safety programme organised in slum schools in Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur as well as the mother and child care programme at Anganwri at tela no.j7.The SIDART team lead by Dr Pramila Sanjaya will acompany them and give them an innitial briefing about SIDART and it's activities.

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Health Care and Nutrition Counselling

The Healthcare and nutrition counseling, in collaboration with AU Small Finance Bank, will be provided to the students of various govt. schools as well as private schools. The counseling is preceded by the survey of the students which includes name, father's name, mother's name, age, weight and any particular health problem. The students will be provided with important information regarding the inclusion of milk, water, leafy vegetables, and fruits in their daily diet. The c

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