Health Care and Nutrition Counselling

The Healthcare and nutrition counseling, in collaboration with AU Small Finance Bank, will be provided to the students of various govt. schools as well as private schools. The counseling is preceded by the survey of the students which includes name, father's name, mother's name, age, weight and any particular health problem. The students will be provided with important information regarding the inclusion of milk, water, leafy vegetables, and fruits in their daily diet. The c

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Learning Visit to Kota District

Venue: Kota District Rajasthan 
Date of Event: 18th September to 20th September 
Participants: Members from Phagi and Sanganer blocks in Rajasthan, and visit Coordinators
Objective: To visit the Village, Block and District Panchayat in Kota to better understand the three tier system of Panchayati Raj.

SIDART, along with Hanns Seidel Foundation is organising a 3 days and 2

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Learning visit on Women Empowerment

In continuation with the Women Empowerment Program, SIDART in collaboration with Hanns Seidel Foundation will organize a Learning Visit to Delhi from 18 to 21 July. For this event, 35 women including SIDART team will participate.

During this learning visit, women will get the chance to know about the Parliament, its working and the proceedings of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Indeed, women will have the opportunity to interact with the Member of the Parliament (MP) and other dignitarie

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