Juliana - Brazil

Hello! My name is Juliana, I am from Brazil and I am bachelor of law. I was a volunteer at SIDART through Aiesec at Global Community Development Program in 2013 because I was trying to put my experience of life and my personal skills in "real" life and practice them. This was a challenge for me.. All difficulties in other country can be ignored at the cost of experiences with so much impressive stories and big knowledge for a self development journey, learn a new skill and having an impact on someone else. I am open minded and I want to get inspired in something that I believe that it is positive for our society. It's very important to leave our comfort zone and look at different points of view in contrastive and diverse cultures. As a volunteer at SIDART I could realize how professional one NGO can be, and how many benefits can be reached. I am very thankful to SIDART for making me to participate in issues which are so much important for our world. Always find a hope, work on it to make it a better place to live in! Namaste, Juliana