Ephraim - USA

Hello ! My name is Ephraim. In my experience with SIDART I have come to know of the complexities and wide ranging social issues that face the average Indian citizen. What we Interns take for granted in our countries such as the issues listed above are not always so clear cut in developing countries and as a consequence are commonly missed in India. SIDART has a strong track record in working with the rural villages in India’s large agricultural countryside. On the issue of women empowerment, I have recognized SIDART’s accomplishments of bringing awareness to these villages where the women were once subjected and made subservient to a male dominant society. The women in these transformed and now model villages once shied away in the face of strangers in addition to keeping their thoughts, problems, and opinions to themselves when in the presence of men. Their rights, independence, self-confidence and most importantly dignity have now manifested due to SIDART’s relentless efforts of establishing informational seminars that have made the villagers understand the importance of the inequalities women face and the benefits of a more dignified and educated women population. In the women seminars that I sat in with, I observed how vocal each participant was and how comfortable they were with standing up and arguing with the men in addition to being the leaders of the village.