Mélanie Bernadine

Hello there,
I  am Mélanie, a French student and I am 20 years old.
I have got origin from a French Island which is called Guadeloupe, but I am  born and grew up in metropolitan France. I have done my degree of Languages (English and Spanish) and completed it thanks to the internship at SIDART in particular.
I had to do a internship to obtain my degree and I choose to do it at SIDART, because it looked like a active organization, working on so much important fields for the welfare of society.
Indeed, working with SIDART was a total new experience for me, discovering  the beautiful country that is India, it different culture to use to, and new people to meet.
During two months it was so nice learn about India with SIDART, like what are the women conditions, how the children are feed etc. India needs to improve those subject and SIDART is working well on it.
So many projects  are established during the year to empower the marginalized women and child.
It felt good to participate to these actions, because I was feeling useful for a good cause.
I hope that, in the future SIDART will continue to act as long as possible.
This internship confirmed my professional projects for the future, which are mainly to became a project coordinator, and work in an organization, international or local. And I will always be grateful for that.