Anne Welt - Germany

Namaste! My name is Anne and I’m a business administration student from Germany. I have join SIDART in February 2013. I was looking for a traineeship where I could work with financials for a social cause. Having found the Global Traineeship Program it seemed like a perfect combination for me: fundraising for an NGO with a focus on women empowerment. Of course everything was very new to me at first, but after a few days I quickly got a feeling for the work that is assigned to me and that I am learning. I enjoy working towards raising funds in order to help realize the projects. As a trainee at SIDART you can expect to work freely and introduce your own ideas. SIDART offers a great variety of working fields for its trainees. This is the reason why people coming from diverse backgrounds can participate in the Global Traineeship Program. In my opinion this highly benefits the working environment. By working together in a team with the Indian staff and two trainees from the Netherlands and Belgium we can learn a lot from each other.