Visit of the ‘Prem Niketan Ashram’ in Jaipur

Ms. Prabha Dublish, Expert panel member at SIDART and Director of the SHUBHAM Pre – Primary school and Lea Thaler (Globarl trainee) visited the ‘Prem Niketan Ashram’ in Jaipur. 
Our focus was to see how the Ashram works and how SIDART NGO can contribute in different topics.

The Prem Niketan Ashram is functional since May 2006 and works without any financial support of the government. The various facilities i.e. Hospital, Dental Clinic, Old age house and 3 schools are functioning with the help of national donations and the monthly rent collected by the residents from the old age house. In the old age house there are 33 people living, divided in 26 rooms and more than 10 workers of the Ashram are engaged in taking care of the residents, preparing food for them and supporting them in their daily life activities. The same 10 people are also responsible for the cleanliness of the Ashram.

The Ashram provides them with a dining room, a library and for entertainment, a TV room and various card & board games facilities. To celebrate every festival, the residents come together.
The three Public Schools, which are included in the Prem Niketan Ashram, were our next destination. We had a nice conversation with Ms. Aarti Srivastava, (Director of the school), Neena Mathur (Secretary) and K.Sarswal (Administration) about the ‘Child Road Safety Program’ and some further collaboration with SIDART NGO. Ms. Prabha Dublish and I put forward our vision, mission, objectives and various projects and trainings where SIDART is currently working on. We told them how great and unique this opportunity would be to bring the ‘Child Road Safety Program’ to more than 500 students. All of the responsible persons that we met really appreciated our project and we arranged a date for further conversations and agreements.

The 550 children and the 30 teachers, which are studying and working in the school respectively, have the fortune to get free education and free food daily.

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