Child Road Safety Project at SHUBHAM Pre – Primary school in Jaipur!!

The last Fridays our global trainee Lea Thaler visited the SHUBHAM English pre – primary school, Jawahar Nagar to teach the kids between 4 – 6 years some important Child Road Safety rules through our unique education package.

Some time we were spending in the classroom to make some different learning episode, in drawing different vehicles (cycle, motorbike, van, car), singing some poem together and made children recite the poem once again, explaining important traffic rules, talked about the duty of the policeman and make some games together in searching various words in a word – cross. Its helps the kids to keep the rules and the “traffic –words” better in mind.

In the other time the children, the teachers and me went to some cross – roads, and round – about so they will get a better relation to the program  and how important it is to follow the rules. We explained important rules about traffic lights, zebra crossing,  and generally traffic rules i.e. wearing helmets and using seat belts, so they kids will get a better knowledge and feeling for. After we took the children in one lane and showed them how to cross the road in the right way, that they have to look to the left, then look to the right, once again to left and walk across the lane.

Through specific education at school and in the community, we aim through our programmes to reduce drastically the number of children killed on the roads. Another important aspect it to make the parents aware about the importance of the traffic rules and the various safety precautions!

The kids and I enjoyed the new company and had some great and effective learning hours together!!




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