In 2016, the Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family welfare launched the Mothers' Absolute Affection (MAA) programme to address children mortality. “Breastfeeding is the most natural and cost effective intervention and should be promoted at all levels. This is an enormous resource that every child has access to. It is our job and our privilege to promote the world’s most effective investment for human development.” 

That is why advising nursing and pregnant mothers on breastfeeding and nutritional necessities of children in accordance with their age, is amongst the main area of actions of MAA programme. To encourage mothers to breastfeed and make them aware about the nutritional supplements is one way to fight malnutrition.

As part of this project, SIDART under the guidance of Dr Pramila Sanjaya, is involved in the Jawahar Nagar slum area (Jaipur) where several times a week, the SIDART team and their volunteers  visit different pregnant and lactating women. They try to make those women aware about all the key information on women and child nutrition and care including the importance of breast feeding and colostrum feeding. They also collect a lot of information about the child's birth (weight, size, age) to be able to follow his growth and for his good development. Those moments are also good opportunities to speak with mothers, to develop true discussions and be aware of the problems / need they could addressed.