SIDART has been conducting different activities in cooperation with The Fleet Forum Association and UPS regarding child road safety. As road safety education is not included in Indian curriculums there is a big lack of knowledge about traffic and road safety issues. The project's objective is to increase awareness about the importance of the topic and teach children as well as their parents or teachers how to behave on the roads to minimize the risk of accidents.
The project focuses on children at the age of 5-12, as children commonly start using roads alone at that age and therefore need to be trained. The pilot projects took place in the slums of Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, as children from slums are often poorly educated and need these trainings. To capture the state of knowledge about road safety and conform the activities to the current state of knowledge forms are filled out by participants. Then, several seminars are held where parents and teacher learn how to cross a road with children, why to wear helmets and other safety issues. Monthly meetings of volunteers of the project and parents are organized, where they can share their experiences with the road safety education and survey the increased knowledge level of their children. In indoor activities the children develop the understanding of street signs and symbols as well as some basic rules of the street. In outside activities children are trained practically and apply their newly gained knowledge on the road. There are also street play performances to increase the awareness of the importance of child road safety education.