Village Meeting at Phagi

A village meeting was held at Phagi with 30 to 35 women representing elected members of panchayat, village volunteers of SIDART, SIDART team members from headquarter and also adolescent girls along with elderly women. Multi age-group participated in the discussion around sanitation issues, practical aspects, keep clean and be clean initiatives taken by women and young girls towards cleanliness drive. 

The community engagement is extensive and the interest of women of all a

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SDGs: The Jaipur Declaration

SIDART is proud to share " The Jaipur Declaration" :The outcome report of the International Conference which was held on 18th & 19th of December, 2015 in joint collaboration with SIDART and UNGCNI for brain storming and developing a road map towards effective and meaningful implementation of Sustainable Development Goals with multi stakeholder engagement from the cross section of society.

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From Bulzanoo to India! Global traineeship at SIDART - Lea Thaler

Here is what Lea Thaler, our Global traineeship intern has to say about her experience with Sidart.

"I had an amazing SIDART field visit during the week!!
In my last three days, I went with SIDART team members, Ms. Madhu Chauhan,Ms. Sonia Johri (Director) and Ms. Apoorva Banvir (Project Officer) to the villages to get an insight about the projects related to women emp

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Fleet Forum - Road Safety Round Table Conference in New Delhi

Dr. Pramila Sanjaya, Hon`Advisor of SIDART / Programme Advisor Fleet Forum and our Global Traineeship Intern, Lea Thaler, went  for  a round table meeting to New Delhi. It was a workshop with a select group of people to discuss about an effective approach to address Road Safety issues in India.
Different companies were present, mainly the Chief Guest Pooran Pandey from UNGCNI and  Col. Prakash Tewari, Ex VP Education and CSR, Jindal Steels, Paul Jansen from the Fleet For

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