Report - Launch Workshop of Project “Jal Setu” (Empowering Women Elected Representatives for Water Governance and Climate Change)

Venue: CEE office, Ahmadabad.

Participants – Representatives from HSS, SIDART, IIEC, CSR and CEE.


Centre for Environment Education (CEE) is a partner with HSS for Gujarat. In 2015 CEE had started the work on “Empowering Women Elected Representatives for Water Governance and Climate Change” in joint collaboration with HSS.

The project launch workshop was held on 16th Jun

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ROAD SAFETY : survey report 2016

SIDART works in order to improve Indian society in various fields. One of the major issues is road safety. That is why, we have wanted to do a survey to assess the level of knowledge of people on road safety and to collect their opinion about this issue that concerns us all.

For this survey, about 290 people were interviewed. The survey was conducted in different part of the country. 38 cities have volunteered.

We Hope that this analysis will help and will strengthen the a

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Learning Visit to Ralegansiddhi, Maharashtra!


In joint collaboration of SIDART and HSF, a five day visit was held to Ralegan Siddhi village panchayat of Ahmadnagar district, Maharashtra.

In these five days the women participants and SIDART team got amazing learnings from the villagers of Ralegan Siddhi and Hiware Bazar. The development works and the active involvement of the villagers gave an eye opening experience to the participants. The transparency of the budget related issues and t

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ICICI Academy for Skills - Learning Visit

SIDART along with HSF organinsed a learning and an exposure trip to the ICICI Academy for Skills, Jaipur for the rural adolescents and young women from Bagru, Rampura Unti, Bhamoriya, Laxminarayanpura and other villages of Sanganer. There were 40 participants including the volunteers and team members from SIDART.

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