Learning visit with elected women representatives and women village volunteers in Bundi!!

The last 2 days Ms. Sonia Johri (Director), Ms. Apoorva Banvir (Project Officer), Ms Ananya and Lea Thaler (Global trainee) went with 30 women from the Panchayat Phagi for some learning visit to Bundi in the villages Lakheri, Bhdel, Utrana, Papdi and Indragradh in Lakheri

The learning visit was focussed on the observation and the developments in other districts of Rajasthan and to use them to strengthen their own panchayats.
The participants got to know the new ideas for deve

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Child Road Safety Project at SHUBHAM Pre – Primary school in Jaipur!!

The last Fridays our global trainee Lea Thaler visited the SHUBHAM English pre – primary school, Jawahar Nagar to teach the kids between 4 – 6 years some important Child Road Safety rules through our unique education package.

Some time we were spending in the classroom to make some different learning episode, in drawing different vehicles (cycle, motorbike, van, car), singing some poem together and made children recite the poem once again, explaining important traff

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Election & nomination meeting of the Jaipur chapter of ISTD at JK LAKSHMIPAT University

Election of the managing committee and members of national council of Indian Society for Training & Development for the year 2016/2017

The Director and Chairman Dr. Amit Jain and other members of the society invited Dr. Pramila Sanjaya and nominated her as a executive committee member.
The future function will be conducting trainings and attending as well as representing ISTD Jaipur in various meeting and other programs.


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Mr Paul Jansen: Executive Director, Fleet Forum, Netherlands

 Mr. Paul Jansen, The Executive Director at Fleet Forum, visited SIDART on 16th April 2015 (www.fleet forum.org)

  He visited the slum schools and met the school authorities and school children whcile they were doing the exercise of counting the traffic on the road side.

  He along with Dr Pramila Sanjaya addressed the students and shared their happiness about the work being done there on child road safety and community engagement.

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