Meeting of participants with Dr Bauer

SIDART, set up in 1998 as a registered, non-profit, non government organization, is dedicated and committed to the sustainable development of rural, semi-urban, slum based Indian communities. SIDART focuses on human development, especially the empowerment of women and children. SIDART contributes to sustain human progress, expecting to increase and consolidate territorial presence through development and implementation of projects that are met globally and are sustainable. Read More

Learning visit of the Rural Women to National Parliament, New Delhi

SIDART has been working in the field of women empowerment, sanitation, early childhood care and development, home based care and community based monitoring, vocational training for adolescents(boys and girls) and women, nutrition and infant breast feeding, development of health seeking behaviour for truckers, HIV/ AIDS Prevention by treatment of STI and STD cases, preservation of traditional art and culture and it’s usage for awareness generation on HIV / AIDS, Malnutrition and strength

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Sora Tobar Project

Madu and Lal Chand are in discussion with Sarpanch and others regarding Sora Tobar project and the responsability of the Panchayat on child health,meaternal health ans sanitation. 

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Learning Visit of Rural Women to SDM court in Phagi

Visit of the village Phagi in Jaipur's rural area where was organised the 29th on June a seminar on government officier's responsabilities. Exclusively dedicated to women, the purpose was to aware them about their rights,the way they can claim for them and access the services at SDM office in their development block. The seminar was very important because most of the rural indian women are illiterate so they lack to understand some administrative and justice procedures. It empowered t

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