The National Advisory Committee meeting 2018

The annual event of the joint collaboration of SIDART and HSF;
The National Advisory Committee meeting at JAIPUR on 16th and 17th August 2018

During these two days the focus was largely on the report of the baseline study and survey done at Sambhariya Village panchayat. Next steps to be taken in order to make Sambhariya as an effective functional model panchayat. We also had the opportunity to look at our past experiences with Hanns Siedel Foundation in

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Conference on Road Safety

We attended the Conference on Road Safety in Delhi. Dr. Pramilla Sanjaya made her speech about road safety and how to make it better.

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Session in SKIT College

On the 19th of August Dr. Pramilla Sanjaya will conduct a session in ‘Workshop on Leadership Skills Enhancement Programme’ for the students and faculty members in SKIT College of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur to foster the leadership skills.

Date: 19/8/2018
Time : 1.30 –3.00 pm
Venue: J C Bose Auditorium, SKIT,Jaipur

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Leadership Development Programme

We attended “Leadership Development Program” in the Institute of Leadership Development (ILD) which set up in 1992 with the objective of developing an enlightened and motivated work force all over India through these kind of programs. Dr. Pramilla Sanjaya made a training session for public sector managers and leaders about verbal and non-verbal communication and team work.

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