A visit from former Global Trainee at Sidart

Luciana was a Global trainee for SIDART and pleased us with her visit today. She notably worked on the Happy and Healthy family project, and had the opportunity to meet women in the village and the slums to help them getting access to trainings, and eventually being employed...

If you are also interested into taking part in our projects, you can check our "Global Traineeship" page on the website, and fill the form, we will be very pleased to welcome you here as well !

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Focus Group Discussion - Sambhariya Panchayat

In the effort to work closely with the panchayat Sambhariya and facilitate the process of Sambhariya becoming a model panchayat, SIDART and HSF are working to get some base line information. This is the reason why SIDART team go and meet women, children in mixed-gender and non-mixed gender groups, to conduct Focus Group Discussions. 

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8th March meeting women for the International Women's Rights Day at Reliance Market

On the 8th March, the International Women's Rights day, Dr.Pramila Sanjaya was a guest at the Reliance Market and came to address all of the women employees.

She asked them to live with pride and dignity, and besides being loving, caring, and compassionate, to learn to be assertive: 
   "Do not let anyone walk over you. After all you are human being, a precious creation of God, responsible for the continuation of Mankind and you have every ri

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Project Preparation Seminar

SIDART-HSF are working together to create a " functional model panchayat".In this context,a "Project Preparation Seminar" was held by SIDART in association with HSF on 28th-29th January,at Hotel 1589,Rnb,Jaipur,Rajasthan .

Purpose of the discussion was formulation of strategies to be used during the base line survey of Sambhariya panchayat .Activities held during the two day seminar were -(i) discussion and exchange of information between the experts,consultants

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