SIDART provides Traineeships and hands on experience in the Humanitarian sector right onthe ground and at the pubic poicy interphase too,to the youth from all over the globe.  For many of them this is their first step towards a bright and successfull future career.

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Ephraim - USA

Hello ! My name is Ephraim. In my experience with SIDART I have come to know of the complexities and wide ranging social issues that face the average Indian citizen. What we Interns take for granted in our countries such as the issues listed above are not always so clear cut in developing countries and as a consequence are commonly missed in India. SIDART has a strong track record in working with the rural villages in India’s large agricultural countryside. On the issue of women empower

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Beate - Italy

Hello friends! I am Beate Werner, graduated in 2012 from Wageningen University (The Netherlands) with a degree in "International Development Studies" with a specialization in development economics. I came to SIDART as a global trainee /SIDART trainee in April 2014. During my time with SIDART, I participated in village based seminars on women women empowerment and went to various villages near Jaipur in Sanganer and Phagi development blocks as well as to the slum

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Rosemary - Germany

Hello, my name is Rosemary, from Germany, where I'm studying Political Science of South Asia with a focus on the stabilising of human rights. Due to an internship at the Hanns-Seidel Foundation, New Delhi, I got in in contact with SIDART. In October I visited SIDART for a short while to get an insight in the work of a NGO concentrating on women empowerment. After spending a few days with SIDART in October 2010, I was excited about the way the seminars and workshops affected the women

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Nidhi Sharma - India

Hi, I am Nidhi Sharma, I am currently working as an intern at SIDART, in the period from 7th May to 20th May 2014, under guidance of Dr Pramila Sanjaya. My hometown is Jaipur but I am currently pursuing Law from Hidayatullah National Law University , Raipur.
During my first day, I had the chance to meet a volunteer at SIDART from Italy , Elisa Bozzi. She discussed some important details regarding the working at SIDART and also gave me a regarding the current projects. Today, I will hav

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