SIDART provides Traineeships and hands on experience in the Humanitarian sector right onthe ground and at the pubic poicy interphase too,to the youth from all over the globe.  For many of them this is their first step towards a bright and successfull future career.

Feel free to contact us at ( to know more about our global traineeship programe and the activities under the programme.

May like to visit the website to meet the trainees and get to know their first hand experience.

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Patricia Webersberger - Germany

Hi Every one, I am Patricia Webersberger and I was an intern at SIDART in October and November 2007. I went to India after my Abitur and did several internships at different NGO´s in the North and South of the subcontinent. Working for SIDART at the grass root level was a totally new and interesting experience for me which one can´t describe without having seen it. At SIDART I helped developing logframes for civic education projects, I attended seminars in the villages,training in

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Renate Cremer - Netherlands

Hi, my name is Renate, i was working as an intern at SIDART, in the period from April to August 2011, under guidance of Dr Pramila Sanjaya. With my background in the social field, studying psychology in the Netherlands, I could find a great amount of projects at SIDART to participate in. Running from woman empowerment to HIV/AIDS prevention. SIDART gave me the opportunity to experience India deeper than only being here as a tourist. Working with the SIDART team gave an ins

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Shazia Noor - Canada

Shazia Noor interned at SIDART from June to August 2009. She represented SIDART as a Program Officer under direct supervision of Dr. Pramila Sanjaya in the various projects of Women Empowerment, HIV / AIDS prevention clinic and International Cooperation. Shazia is a Social Service Worker  and is currently in her last year completing her Specialized Honours Degree in International Studies at York University, Glendon College. She and is an Executive on the International Studies Studen

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Marie-Elaine - Canada

I arrived in India in 2014 in order to collect data for my PhD research thesis. This was not my first time in India, so I realized I became a kind of insentive of my environment. I am not bothered anymore by all these things who shock foreigners when they come for the first time in India. But my collaboration with SIDART is helping me out to re-opening my eyes to such social problems, and to get aware again of these realities, so deeply integrated in women and children's life. As a P

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