SIDART provides Traineeships and hands on experience in the Humanitarian sector right on the ground and at the pubic policy interphase too,to youth from all over the globe. For many of them this is their first step towards a bright and successfull future career.

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Visit the website to meet the trainees and get to know their first hand experience.

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Ina Boettcher - Germany

Hello! I'm Ina from Germany and I started my traineeship in SIDART at the end of February 2014. I worked in several projects and got acquainted to both field work and office work. I took part in school rallies under the SORA TABAR (Healthy Child) project, being implemented in 166 villages of Sanganer. The objective is to spread awareness about health issues such as malnutrition and the importance of sanitation and immunization in the rural areas. I also visited different villages and part

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Anna Sollacher - Germany

Hello! My name is Anna and I’m from Germany. I was a trainee at SIDART during the months of March and April 2010. I worked on projects concerning women empowerment, conducted Resource Center Activities and participated in seminars for women. I am interested in working together with people, development aid and developing countries. Working at SIDART specially fascinated me due to its work at grassroots of society. It was a great experience and I would like to continue contributing to the

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Emilie Le Clainche - France

Hello, I'm Emilie, I'm coming from France and I am a trainee at SIDART. I'm here for an internship of 6 weeks. I joint SIDART in April 2014. In France, I study social studies, and I wish to continue my further studies in the humanitarian sector. I wish this trainee ship will give me an introduction into the work of an NGO and gain an experience in the area of development.In addition, Jaipur is such a beautiful place. I enjoy field work with SIDART bec

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Anne Welt - Germany

Namaste! My name is Anne and I’m a business administration student from Germany. I have join SIDART in February 2013. I was looking for a traineeship where I could work with financials for a social cause. Having found the Global Traineeship Program it seemed like a perfect combination for me: fundraising for an NGO with a focus on women empowerment. Of course everything was very new to me at first, but after a few days I quickly got a feeling for the work that is assigned to me and

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