SIDART provides Traineeships and hands on experience in the Humanitarian sector right onthe ground and at the pubic poicy interphase too,to the youth from all over the globe.  For many of them this is their first step towards a bright and successfull future career.

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Anne-Laure La Rivière-Gillet - France

I’m Anne-Laure, a 23 year-old French student. I grew up in a little city in Brittany, in the west of France. I graduated in a Master of Marketing last year in the Institute of administration of Rennes, and I’m now having a year-off after my studies. I chose this way to have more experiences, as professional and personal. That’s why I spent 4 months in a university of Canada at the beginning of the year, and then decided to come to SIDART for an internship of 3 months. I want

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Kaithy - France (Guadeloupe)

My name is Kaithy and I carry out an internship at SIDART in Jaipur, for four months. I am from Guadeloupe, a French Overseas Department located in the West Indies, but for 2 years I live in Paris to study marketing at INSEEC Business School.
Since I was a young, I am attracted by Indian culture and this traineeship was the opportunity to discover this culture. Moreover, my particular interest in social issues, faced by developing countries, led me to integrate a No

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Rushil Sharma - India


My name is Rushil Sharma, I have recently joined SIDART as a volunteer trainee. I have completed my 12th standard, and having taken a gap year, I planned to do some volunteer work this year. I was interested in joining this ngo mainly because of the various different projects and programs that are offered. Apart from being a noble cause in itself ( which, in my case being teaching young slum students basic road safet

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Amulya Jain - India

Hello ! My name is Amulya Jain, i am an indian citizen , studying along with CA.

In my experience with SIDART , i have come to know about the wide ranging social complexities that are faced by an average indian citizen. Since the very first day, i was introduced to  the training of Corporate Social Responsibility and immediate need for its implementation. SIDART has a great track record of rural, maternal child health women empowerment projects etc. On the issue of child

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