SIDART provides Traineeships and hands on experience in the Humanitarian sector right onthe ground and at the pubic poicy interphase too,to the youth from all over the globe.  For many of them this is their first step towards a bright and successfull future career.

Feel free to contact us at ( to know more about our global traineeship programe and the activities under the programme.

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Maxime Sirera


I am Maxime, 19 years old,  I live in France in a small town near  Paris. I am currently studying, social sciences and in particular economics at the University of Cergy-Pontoise. I have chosen to come to India because I would discover new ways of thinking through a totally different culture.

Doing internship in India is the best way for me to learn about people and help them as far as possible. I have chosen to be intern for SIDART NGO because they offer ver

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Mélanie Bernadine

Hello there,
I  am Mélanie, a French student and I am 20 years old.
I have got origin from a French Island which is called Guadeloupe, but I am  born and grew up in metropolitan France. I have done my degree of Languages (English and Spanish) and completed it thanks to the internship at SIDART in particular.
I had to do a internship to obtain my degree and I choose to do it at SIDART, because it looked like a active organization, working on so much import

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Pranjul Singh, Jaipur, INDIA

Pranjul Sigh – Jaipur, INDIA

I am Pranjul Singh, I am 22 years old living at Jaipur, in India, I have completed my Engineering from SRM University, Chennai.

Now I will be pursuing my Technical Management. I am working with SIDART NGO since 2007 as a volunteer and worked in various projects from time to time like Sorar Tabar, Women Empowerment,Child road safety Education Programme, Women and Law. I have made field visits with SIDART team members

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Ipshita Agrawal - Jaipur, INDIA

I am Ipshita Agrawal, I am 22 years old living at Jaipur, in India, I have completed my graduation ( hons.)

Now I am preparing for my masters, so during this gap I wanted to work for the society and decided to do internship at SIDART NGO to have a work experience with a very different work culture.

SIDART works on issues around women empowerment, Child Road Safety Education, Child care Health and Development, Maternal Health

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